About My Whole Life

In the early 1800s a small group of people from different Christian traditions and various walks of life set out on a quest. 

Driven by a desire for a clearer understanding of what the Bible says about how the world will end, they discovered more than they could imagine. 

The Bible describes more than simply an apocalyptic catastrophe as reflected in science fiction stories. It promises an end to a brokenness that was never a part of God’s plan. Having lives splintered and fractured into disconnected pieces was not our Designer’s idea. 

This group of people would also discover that the whole life that the Designer desires is meant to begin right now.

God’s plan for a life that reflects intimate spirituality, that radiates physical and relational vitality, and that rejoices in blessing other lives through service is truly a whole life.

Because of the beauty of the message that the believers discovered, the small group continued to grow and became the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Along the journey they rediscovered many good things, such as the gift that God gave all humanity—the Sabbath. This 24-hour period is time meant for reconnecting with our loved ones and with our Creator. They also rediscovered a way of life that honors the body as God’s temple and began to implement practices in healthy living that could make life more vital. They rediscovered that love for God means serving others, doing as much as possible to remove the scars of brokenness until the Designer comes again and makes all things new. 

What they really learned by studying the end was that long before we get there, life can have a new beginning … even today.

You are invited to explore what we—the Seventh-day Adventist Church—have discovered and why we believe that your whole life matters.